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Our Story
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The App for Essentials was created by a team that understands what's important in a platform.

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Our Story

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Usawa is Swahili for Equality

The current commerce system is broken and unfair. Our competition encourages overspending and ignores financial literacy.

We started Usawa to offer
an equitable commerce platform and solution for Americans to help families intelligently buy the essentials they need , while providing robust rewards and experiences.

Usawa is on a mission to ease the week-to-week financial journey that many of us have encountered for needed essentials and to give us a real opportunity to provide rewarding experiences for our families.

Our Mission
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The People Behind the Usawa App

The team behind Usawa has a combined 30-years of experience in providing consumer and lending services.

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Combined 30-years of Operations Experience, Technology Expertise, and Leveraging Data Science Analytics in Underwriting & Marketing.

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Start Taking Charge of Your Finances Today

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Our Story

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Privacy  |  Terms of Use